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Guangdong Haibu law firm was established in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province in 1989. With the concept of professionalism, dedication and diligence, it has adhered to providing high-quality professional legal services since its establishment. In 1991, he took the lead in the legal business of enterprise restructuring and company stock issuance and listing. In March 1993, with the approval of China Securities Regulatory Commission and the Ministry of justice, it obtained the qualification of a law firm to engage in securities legal business. It is one of the first law firms with securities legal business qualification in China.
After years of development, Haibu has become a comprehensive large law firm with all-round development in various legal service fields on the basis of early securities related business. Up to now, the scope of services includes: capital market, financial business, bankruptcy reorganization business, corporate legal affairs, real estate and construction projects, marriage and family affairs, administrative legal affairs, labor and social security, criminal legal affairs, foreign-related legal affairs, intellectual property rights and special legal services. The industries involved span production and processing industry, mineral resources industry, real estate industry Wholesale and retail, international trade, finance, insurance, Internet, financial technology and other fields.

Guangdong Haibu law firm has standardized normative documents such as systematic management system, service process and post responsibility. It was successively selected into the recommended list of the first batch of heritage managers (Institutions) of Shenzhen notary office in 2021, passed the securities service practice filing of China Securities Regulatory Commission, and was employed as a member of the third-party supervisor database of the first batch of pilot procuratorates.   The law firm has normative documents covering contract signing and approval, personnel employment, training, evaluation, rewards and punishments, financial management and risk prevention and control. Continuously improve the operation specifications of the standardization system, service quality standards, service management standards and work standards to ensure the efficiency and quality of all-round and professional services to customers.  
At present, the advanced electronic office management system is widely used to build a collaborative work platform, integrating CRM (Customer Relationship Management), PM (Project Management), HRM (Human Resource Management), OA (office automation), im (instant messaging), financial management and personal affairs, so as to ensure the efficiency, timeliness and convenience of the law firm's operation and management and customer service, which is highly praised by customers.   Main management systems (parts): risk control manual, major case filing system, case collection charging system, file management system, seal management system, law firm charging management measures, post responsibilities, recruitment management system, financial management system, meeting management system, regular political learning meeting system, etc



Haibu law firm has legal research institute, Shenzhen Branch of the Law School of Northwest University of political science and law, branches across the country (Xi'an Branch), and branches under preparation. Internationally, it has Canadian office, Australian Office, German office, etc.




Member organizations of Guangdong Haibu law firm

In order to improve the management mechanism of Haibu law firm, highlight the professional management level, create a good practice environment and atmosphere for lawyers, protect the rights and interests of lawyers, and plan the strategic development pattern of Haibu, Haibu law firm has set up the following internal institutions:


Haibu law firm management committee

Director: Sheng Xu
Members: Lei Xinping, Yang Guojie, Su Xiaopeng, Party Jianheng, Ruan Zhanwei, Yao Yanyan


Board of supervisors of Haibu law firm

Chief supervisor: Zhou Tiegang
Members: Cao Shuang, Li Peng


Executive Committee of Haibu law firm

Director: Yang Guojie
Members: Li Youguo, Zeng Qingwen, Zhang Zhen, Sun Jun


Risk control committee of Haibu law firm

Director: Yang Guojie
Members: Chen Zhaofang, Zhou Tiegang, Chen Tiangui, Yao Yanyan


Rights and Interests Protection Committee of Haibu law firm:

Director: Chen Zhaofang
Members: Ruan Zhanwei, Dang Jianheng


Internship lawyer Committee of Haibu law firm

Director: Cao Shuang
Members: Huang Yuxia (trainee lawyer), Liu Yang (trainee lawyer)


Young lawyers Committee of Haibu law firm

Director: Ruan Zhanwei
Members: Su Qinfu, Tang Ruiqing


Professional Committee of Haibu law firm

Director: Sheng Xu
Members: Chen Zhaofang, Chen Daicong


Business Development Committee of Haibu law firm

Director: Su Xiaopeng
Members: Chen Lisheng, Li Peng


Women lawyers Committee of Haibu law firm

Director: Yao Yanyan
Members: Deng Wei (trainee lawyer), Cai Yafei (trainee lawyer)



Professional teams:



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